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Our Mission

We do this by providing business with industry-leading service and cutting-edge technology. We listen to the needs of our clients and implement solutions that will best suit them. We put the emphasis on serving you and making sure that your life remains as hassle free as possible.

In the past, maintenance involved quickly fixing equipment when it broke and performing routine maintenance to hopefully correct issues before they became serious. That world of maintenance is full of wasted time and money. The better way is predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance allows you to catch issues in their beginning stages and fix equipment when it’s needed with little to no downtime.

At Maintenance Technology Solutions we are making predictive maintenance solutions available to every business through innovative machine health monitoring. Any change to the internal workings of a machine will result in a change to its vibrational behavior. These subtle changes can be detected and used to determine what maintenance should be performed and when it should be completed.

Since 2006, we have been simplifying vibration data collection technology, with the goal of making it available for everyone. One way we do this is by offering our own expertise in performing testing and analysis. This gives companies all the benefits that vibration-based preventive maintenance offers without the need to hire additional help. For companies that want to run their own in-house operation, we offer vibration testing and analysis technology that is accurate, easy-to-implement, and user friendly.

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“We partner with our clients to increase uptime and profits, through vibration-Based machine condition monitoring. So that when your machines speak, you understand.”

How we got started

Milt Olsen had no intention of becoming a gamechanger in the world of predictive maintenance, but that all changed when a fortuitous accident put him in a position to redefine the industry.

Milt had been working for 12 years as an independent vibration analyst. The data collector technology he was using was dated, but still getting the job done. Then one fateful day in 2006, a conveyor system he was servicing took aim and sent a golf ball sized rock sailing right into his data collector’s screen. The trusty data collector he had relied on for over 10 years had displayed its last.

With his old data collector destroyed, Milt set about looking for an upgrade. However, the more he looked, the more he realized there was nothing that fit his needs. Everything available was plagued with issues such as being prohibitively expensive, utilizing confusing software, requiring steep learning curves, and relying on complicated databases.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and for Milt that was true. With his data collector destroyed and no good replacements available, he could see his profitability slipping away. The solution was to create what he needed. So, he set to work creating a solution that would work for him and ultimately, for everyone looking for a better approach to vibration-based machine condition monitoring.

The fruit of his labor was the V-Box series of vibration data collectors and the revolutionary MTSXPlorer software. Solutions that were and continue to be affordable, accurate, easily implemented, and user-friendly. Maintenance Technology Systems was created to share these solutions with the world.

The company has since grown and is one of the leaders in vibration-based machine condition monitoring. Maintenance Technology System’s data collection systems are now used throughout industry and across the world. From the coal and gas fields of Wyoming to the copper mines of Mongolia, you will find Maintenance Technology System’s products and services protecting the equipment that matters most.

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