MTS Machine Condition Mapping

An intuitive model of health for your industrial machinery.

MTS Machine Condition Mapping provides a reliable model of health for the optimal lifetime performance of your industrial machines.Machine Condition Mapping

Inherent Intelligence

  • Intelligent data mapping system
  • Leverages deep learning algorithms

Relevant, Reliable Data

  • Detailed machine health data profile
  • Critical comparative data analysis

Integrated Expertise

  • Less reliance on human interpretation
  • Reduced human error and bias

Actionable Insights

  • Statistically-created alarm system
  • Predictive, proactive maintenance

Bridging the gap between predictive maintenance personnel, hardware, and software. As industrial manufacturing becomes more automated there is an

As industrial manufacturing becomes more automated there is an ever increasing demand for predictive maintenance technologies. While the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will play a larger role in predictive maintenance, the sheer volume of data collected and the propensity for human error present significant challenges.

MTS Machine Condition Mapping bridges the gap between data collection devices, reliability reporting software, and predictive maintenance engineers. Machine Condition Mapping creates a model of machine health, leveraging deep learning algorithms that reduce human error and increase data reliability. The results are improved intuitive diagnoses and actionable maintenance recommendations and remedies for the optimal lifetime health and productivity of your industrial machines and equipment.

Ideal Industry ApplicationsXplorer-B

  • Surface mining equipment
  • Power generation plants
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical processing
  • Windmills and power generation
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Food processing plants
  • Facilities management
  • Rolling mills equipment
  • And many, many more!

Machine Condition Mapping Process

  • Within 2 days: the machine health structure is mapped with 1,000 data sets.
  • After 50 hours: the system provides meaningful machine health results.
  • Within 30 days: 100,000 data sets define the complete machine health map.
  • Thereafter: continuous or periodic machine condition monitoring results can be compared to the benchmark machine health map.

Must-Know Information for Set-Up

  • Machine configuration
  • Speed of each shaft
  • Bearing information on every bearing, make and model
  • Other information including electric motor, gearbox, etc.
  • Load conditions and other process variables

Hardware Integration

MTS Machine Condition Mapping is inherent in VBOX2 and VBOX4 data collection systems, featuring:

  • Tri-axial transducer compatibility (simultaneous 3 channel data acquisition)
  • Up to 80,000 line FFT resolution (User may select resolution)
  • 24-bit analog-to- digital converter
  • 102 Db dynamic range
  • Maximum frequency range: 25 KHz
  • Intel Core i5vPro processor
  • 256GB SSD hard drive
  • Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit operating system
  • Software Compatibility

MTS Machine Condition Mapping is compatible with MTS Xplorer analysis software, featuring:

  • IT-free integration—a true “plug and play” solution with no need for IT department set-up or support.
  • Intuitive Interface—enables you to easily navigate the system, import data, charts, photos, etc.
  • Universal compatibility—uses a single software analysis program with ALL of your different data collection devices, including older legacy systems.
  • Rapid report generation—simply hit “save” and your reports are automatically created and archived
  • No install restrictions—works on a stand-alone computer or across an entire network.
  • Superior Stability—The MTS Xplorer granular database is far more efficient and stable than standard SQL databases.
  • Escalating alerting system—never miss a scheduled maintenance service.

Warranty and Upgrades

  • Warranty includes two (2) years of software updates. When the warranty expires, 2-year maintenance plans can be perpetually purchased to ensure the latest software updates.


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