Easy Hybrid Database

mtsstoryMaintenance Technology Systems products use a granular database structure that uses standard windows files where each file is used as a database for a specific measurement location.  This file is indexed and has header information that allows the file to be opened and only the dataset of interest is read and returned.

The performance of the database is unmatched by any other database server.  There is no limitation to the size or amount of data that can be stored and accessed.  The data is stored as a binary file type, so storage space is reduced and integrity of the data is the highest priority and remains a constant focus.

The other significant advantage is the database can be used either locally or on any network drive that can be mapped to a drive letter on the local machine.  This greatly simplifies access to the data as there is no need to go through a”network database server” to have the data available.  In a very real sense the windows operating system becomes the database server.  

The granular database is limited to only the data from a specific measurement location. This database contains all setup information, machine speed, trend data, analysis history, and the bearing, gear and fault frequency information.

This database can also be backed up using standard file backup procedures.

The database performance is measured in fractions of a second and not seconds.  By the time there are 6 datasets in the database the time to access a new file levels off and does not get any slower as more data is added.