What Makes Maintenance Technology Systems Vibration Products Better?

Easy to use windows graphical user interface (GUI), intuitive out of the box usability. Designed using off the shelf technology, designed by engineers with over 30 years of field experience, 2-year bumper to bumper warranty, training via video, either online or installed for offline viewing.


What Are The Major Benefits Of MTS Vibration Instrumentation?

Do vibration condition monitoring with true 21st-century technology.  Acquire large datasets with ease using the powerful core I5 processor, 256 Gb SSD hard drive.  Download data via Bluetooth, jump drive, Wi-Fi network, or cellular data transfer.

How Can All Required Data Be Acquired In Less Than 10 Seconds?

Data is acquired at a high rate, then all of it is stored not just a 1-second waveform and an averaged spectrum.  Then from the stored data, almost any post processing can be completed. i.e. high resolution (85,000 lines) spectrums,  digital low pass, band pass, and high pass filtering, digital demodulation, Recalculate trends, resample for averaging, overlap % and windowing. You can also play the vibration as an audio file.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Windows Based Rugged Tablet Computer?

There are many benefits some of which are a familiar user interface, the ability to move data files via jump drive, Wi-Fi, network, cellular data or run the analysis software directly from the Vbox3.  The tablet computer comes with an IP65 rating, can be “washed off” MIL-STD-810G, 4-foot drop rated, class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C, and D certified. 14-hour battery life, Core I5 processor, 8GB ram 256 Gb SSD drive, true daylight visibility,  greater than full HD resolution “glove-sensitive touch screen”.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Triaxial Transducer?

A Triaxial transducer reduces the number of transducer placements to acquire data from normal plant equipment.   The data is the collected simultaneously on all 3 channels (x, y, and axial) so all of the phase information is intact and usable in the analysis.  Repeatability of the data is facilitated by the use of pictures of the transducer placement on the machines.  Our Vbox3 vibration data collector was designed from the ground up to use a triaxial strategy for vibration data collection.


What Are The Benefits Of A “Granular Database”?

The benefits of our “granular Database” is the database has no size limitations, does not require the installation or use of a “database server”, will work on a stand alone computer or across a network, each measurement location becomes its own database.  Thus reducing database errors, indexing issues, and performance improves by an order of magnitude even with the large waveforms used by our analysis tools.


Why Would I Need A Permanently Installed Data Collection System?

In the past, continuous vibration monitoring limited to only the most critical machines with a cost of around $1500 per channel.  With the Vbox2 by MTS, the cost is less than $500 per channel.  If you have mobile equipment that needs to be monitored MTS has a proven track record of data acquisition on mobile surface mining equipment and Plant process equipment. (Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this track record.)


What Is Triggered Data Collection?

Triggered data collection is required when variable speed machines are monitored.  In the case of mobile mining equipment i.e. Haul trucks, rope shovels, and drag lines, cycle times are usually short, less than 10 seconds, and the motor rotation changes direction every cycle of the machine.  Downtime is very costly which necessitates the collection of data during normal operations.  MTS uses patent-pending technology to measure shaft speed and rotational direction with a single tachometer sensor.  All MTS instrumentation is designed and hardened for use in the mining industry but also has many other uses in many industries.