MTS Xplorer

The mastermind behind your machine condition monitoring.

MTS Xplorer™ facilitates robust reporting and intuitive analysis for the full family of VBOX™ vibration data collectors.

All-In-One AnalysisXplorer-B

  • Full integration with all VBOX™ systems
  • Works with your legacy data collectors

Extreme Ease of Use

  • A true “plug and play” solution
  • Easy, intuitive interface

Robust Reporting

  • Measure machine speeds, fault frequencies, trend data, much more!

Unrivaled Reliability

  • Superior stability vs SQL databases
  • Escalating alerting system

The beauty of MTS Xplorer reporting and analysis software lies in its simplicity, flexibility, stability and universality. MTS Xplorer is the simplest “plug and play” networkable MCM database available. Fully integrated with all VBOX data collection Xplorer-Adevices and completely compatible with most other MCM data collection products, MTS Xplorer becomes your single software analysis tool for your entire predictive maintenance program. The unique granular database structure enables unlimited data storage and unmatched data reliability.

The intuitive interface enables you to easily and quickly generate reports while importing diagrams, charts or photos, which are saved so you spend your time doing analysis—not creating reports. Integrated hardware and software enables you to capture and analyze data anywhere, anytime—on your desktop, laptop or directly from the VBOX data monitoring device. Now you can ditch the “dongle” once and for all! Designed by reliability engineers with over 35 years experience, you can rest assured you’re using the most robust MCM data analysis product on the market.

Simple Set-Up / Extreme Ease of Use

  • IT-free integration—a true “plug and play” solution with no need for IT department set-up or support.
  • Easy online training—learn the system basics in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Intuitive interface—enables you to easily navigate the system, import data, charts, photos, etc.
  • Report readability—data, diagrams and reports are easily digestible for accurate analysis and timely

Time-Saving Technology

  • Brief training videos—no need for time-intensive training courses or costly travel.
  • Universal compatibility—use a single software analysis program with ALL of your different data collection
  • Single-step process—reduces manual data collection routes from a two-step “collect and report” process to a single-step “collect/report” process.
  • Rapid report generation—simply hit “save” and your reports are automatically created and archived.

Flexibility from Field to Office

  • On-the-fly configuration—create or customize your databases in the field.
  • Full integration—run the software on all your VBOX devices and/or your desktop.
  • No installation limitations—works on a stand-alone computer or across an entire network.
  • Universal compatibility—runs accurately and easily with older legacy data collection systems.

Unrivaled Reliability

  • Superior stability—The MTS Xplorer database is far more efficient and stable than standard SQL databases.
  • Granular database—each measurement location becomes its own database, thus reducing errors and indexing issues.
  • No file size limitations—performance improves by an order of magnitude.
  • Escalating alerting system—never miss a scheduled maintenance service.
  • Built-in spell checker—allows you to focus on analysis instead of grammar.


Warranty includes two (2) years of software updates.
When the warranty expires, 2-year maintenance plans
can be perpetually purchased to ensure the latest
software updates.


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